Coaching Expertise:

Laura Bamber

We live in a world that at times can feel like it is pulling and pushing us in a lot of different directions and we lose sight of who we are, what is important to us and how we want to live. I am passionate about working with women and young adults to help you to rediscover yourself; to empower you to embrace your uniqueness; to encourage you stay in your own fabulous lane; and to help[ you to build the confidence to ensure your unique voice is heard. I love working with ambitious women who want to make an impact – encouraging you to be courageous, to lean in and to live a big and vibrant life on your terms.

1. Define your unique version of success:

I spent so long adhering to society’s version of success and validating myself through my career and financial status. This left me feeling flat, slightly miserable and wildly unfulfilled! We will work together to understand what success truly means to you – what is important to you, how you want to show up in the world and how you can utilise your unique strengths to build a successful life on your own terms.

We will work on defining your core values, uncovering your unique strengths and creating a map for how you want to live across the different areas of your life including within your career, relationships and for your personal health. We will also look at setting goals and intentions that align to your vision and look at simple tools to ensure these goals become a reality.

2. Create smarter ways of working to boost productivity and achieve better balance:

During my most of my 20s, I did not look after myself at all. I worked long hours, I thrashed my body at the gym and I ‘released my stress’ through late night drinking and partying endeavours. I was exhausted! This way of working was so detrimental to my performance in the workplace and not to mention my health. My body was stressed and I was slowly burning myself out – not the recipe for long term, sustainable success!

We will work together to develop ways for you to work smarter (not harder) so you can operate with more focus and energy. We will get clarity on what is / isn’t important and ensure we are directing your energy into the things that are most important. We will look at time and energy management tools and productivity to ensure that you are at your most balanced and productive. We will explore simple self care tools that will support your health and ensure you are operating your best.

Personal Coaching with Laura Bamber at The Vibrancy Hub

3. Tackle imposter syndrome:

So many incredible, successful women that I know are battling with ‘Imposter Syndrome’. That feeling like they do not deserve to be where they are / having the success that they are experiencing and living with the fear that they are going to get found out at any point. This manifests in some really unhelpful behaviours that impact on all areas of life as they try so hard to prove themselves to their managers, peers and the world in general.

I work with you to identify where this syndrome may have come from and how it may be showing its ugly head in the different areas of your life. We create ‘exit strategies’ to help you to reduce and eventually negate its impact on you.

4. Preventing you from sabotaging your wellbeing:

I see so many women who are educated, know what they should be eating and how they should be exercising but for whatever reason are sabotaging their health goals. This leaves them with feelings of frustration and shame and often leads to a cycle of unhelpful deprive-binge behaviours.

I work with you to get to the root of the problem; understanding why this behaviour is occurring, unpicking unhelpful beliefs around food and wellbeing that may holding you back, creating strategies to unravel the behaviours that are not serving you and building new habits to support you in achieving optimum health and vitality.

5. Career / business planning:

Having spent 15 years in the corporate world of finance, I mentored many young women, supporting them to obtain clarity on their career goals and lean in to the business world to ensure that their unique voices were heard. The business world needs more capable, inspiring women at the top! We can look at creating a career development plan that supports you to achieve your career goals – getting clarity on where you want to go, identifying gaps for learning further and development and tackling specific areas that may be holding you back.

I also work with lots of small business owners supporting them to set up and grow their own businesses (I have lots off personal experience and tips on this one!). We can look at the practical elements around setting up and growing your own business – identifying how to start the RIGHT business for you, practical ‘know how’ for setting up your business, managing your finances, successfully marketing your business, managing your time for optimum productivity and business planning so you focus on the right things.

A little bit about me..

  • Three words my friends would use to describe me – energetic, curious and encouraging! Hopefully all great traits to get the best out of my coaching clients!
  • It took me a long time to realise that there is no ‘quick fix’ to happiness! None of us are broken, we are all on a long journey of self discovery and life fulfilment – there will be ups and there will be downs – and as long as you keep showing up, facing into the challenges and wanting to do better, life will be one hell of an epic journey!
  • One of my strengths is the ability to get to the root of a problem / challenge and design meaningful solutions to tackle the issue. I think they call this ‘strategic thinking’! Lucky for me, this skill can be applied to both business problems and human beings!
  • My greatest challenge in life has been (and continues to be) trying to not see myself as the sum of everything I have ‘achieved’. No-one will care about my CV and my trophies when I am sat on my death bed! My big realisation is that people will only remember how I made them feel.
  • My three core values are connecting deeply with people; continuous learning; and laughing / having fun. At the end of each day, I reflect and ask myself…”Did I have fun today?”
  • It took me a long time to really understand the importance of self care but I am now the self care queen! If I want to show up as my naturally high energy self, I have to have time to recharge my battery – I am not a machine! My fave self care habits are dog walking, yoga and indulging in a candlelit bath with lavender oil (all tech free zones).
  • I worked in the corporate world for 15 years as a Chartered Accountant – my fave part was always the people – leading teams and coaching individuals to get the best out of themselves. The career change is no shock then!
  • The joys in my life are walking my dog in the Lake District, deep conversations, playing sport, great coffee…and a juicy glass of fabulous red wine!


Six-session package


~ Discovery questionnaire – before coaching session
~ 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions via Zoom
~ Recommended one coaching session per fortnight
~ Unique roadmap to a healthier, happier life
~ Take away activities to complete between sessions plus access to your coach via Voxer for 12 weeks
~ Additional reading, resources and recommendations

Cost of £660

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