Coaching Expertise:

Katy Brown

If you are feeling unfulfilled or overwhelmed by the pressure to live the ‘ideal life’ I support you to change your experience of life for the better; by identifying what you want your life story to be moving forwards, and building a life that reflects this. I help you to develop a clear sense of who you are; embracing your true nature, finding your true voice and developing the inner confidence and courage to use it. Life is short and I don’t want you to let any more life escape feeling unconfident, overwhelmed or living the wrong life for you.


1. Creating headspace & time:

I help those who feel overwhelmed, anxious or lacking in direction to realise that there is another way – that it is possible to create more time and headspace, so that you can remain present and experience a sense of calm and your intuition can flow – making decision making easier.

I introduce simple, holistic self care techniques that will reduce stress and build strength, resilience and coping skills. We undertake a life audit, decluttering and simplifying; removing drainers and adding in boundary management; plus learning how to say ‘No’!

2. Self discovery:

I support you to identify what matters to YOU; what inspires you and what your innate strengths are. So that you feel confident in the value that you bring to the world; developing your purpose – building confidence, restoring hope, optimism and positivity. It’s never too late to make great change. I want you to feel empowered, positive and energised!

We prioritise your energy, time and finances into the things that truly inspire you; choosing considered ways to put yourself out of your comfort zone, aligned to the real you. As we build your self-worth and self belief you will become less concerned about pleasing others. Less playing small and safe!

Personal Coaching with Katy Brown at The Vibrancy Hub

3. Self acceptance / feel comfortable in your own skin:

I help you to understand that your new normality can be a confident feeling of self acceptance, and that you can learn to not only accept, but like, love and be proud of the unique individual that you are – and feel deserving of all that you need and cherish in life. I don’t want anyone to let any more life escape feeling unconfident, insecure or not good enough!

There will be no more pretending to be different to who you really are and we will remove the need to conform to other people’s or society’s expectations of you and the pressure to have the ‘perfect life’ nailed. We reduce negative thoughts and self criticism; removing procrastination, helping you to become ‘unstuck’.

4. Design your future life story:

I help you decide what you want your life story to be moving forwards, by redefining your individual definition of success and building a life that reflects this. I want to ensure that you do not feel trapped in your current situation; held prisoner to a path set in motion by a choice made by your younger self. I help you to recognise that your most valuable growth will come out of your most challenging chapters.

Take the future into your own hands, creating a vision for how you want to live your life – with clear goals and practical steps to bring it to life. There is always a way to make great change; experiencing genuine happiness & fulfilment at any stage of life.

A little bit about me..

  • My natural disposition is calm, grounded, warm, nurturing, compassionate, empathetic and pragmatic (and a good listener – as you would hope!)
  • It took me over 30 years to realise that being comfortable with who you truly are is the ultimate success, and the only route to real joy and fulfilment
  • I have an innate ability to understand any issue or challenge from another person’s perspective and offer genuine empathy
  • My most challenging chapters (moving to the other side of the world alone and a long fertility battle) gifted me the opportunity of time; to develop myself and to identify how I could best help other people
  • I learnt that you do not have to be a people pleaser your whole life! It took me a long time but I finally got there – now I help others reduce this exhausting tendency too
  • I am from Cheshire and have lived in Manchester, Birmingham, London and Sydney
  • I worked in the corporate world for 15 years, managing and coaching individuals and teams
  • The joys in my life are my people, dogs, being up in the hills or by the water, a good book, a great coffee….and macaroni cheese!


Six-session package


~ Discovery questionnaire – before coaching session
~ 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions via Zoom
~ Recommended one coaching session per fortnight
~ Unique roadmap to a healthier, happier life
~ Take away activities to complete between sessions plus access to your coach via Voxer for 12 weeks
~ Additional reading, resources and recommendations

Cost of £660

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