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Our  90 minute workshops provide inspiration and tools for colleagues to thrive in the workplace. Each of our standalone workshops are fun, interactive sessions with two objectives:

1. They energise colleagues by providing practical tips to better manage their wellbeing.

2. They boost colleague engagement by helping them feel supported by the organisation.


Understanding the impact of stress on mental health and performance, identifying unavoidable vs unnecessary stressors and tools to cope with stress triggers.


Exploring how the mind can distract us from what is important, techniques to prevent unhelpful overthinking and proactive ways to train the brain to remain focused on the task at hand.


Designing a winning week that supports you to achieve personal & career goals. Tools to structure your week, effectively prioritise and create positive productivity habits.


Understanding the common hurdles that prevent us from focusing on our strategic priorities and tools to specifically prevent email and meeting paralysis.


Understanding the need to recharge so we can maintain our focus and energy levels & introducing tools to calm the nervous system including micro moments of restoration.


Investigating how too much ‘stuff’ is leaving us feeling frazzled and overwhelmed and introducing simplification techniques to drive greater clarity and focus.


This mind and movement class includes an introduction to yoga, meditation and mind management techniques to nourish the body and mind.


Working with our resident nutritionalist, Nikki Hill to look at creating healthy nutritional habits to support your energy levels in busy workplace environment.



This 12-week programme comprises 6 x half day modules which will be delivered fortnightly. The overarching objective is to create a pool of ‘Wellbeing Champions’ who can lead by example and drive a culture of wellbeing and productivity from within the organisation.


Each module introduces a mixture of tools for personal application plus action planning around how to apply ideas into the business environment to drive behavioural change. It is for those rising stars that the organisation wants to invest in and support to thrive.

This popular course takes attendees on a journey of self discovery and is focused on the longer term development of future leaders. The content helps to create more headspace and focus via modern mindfulness and restorative techniques, increases resilience and creative thinking through courageous mindset training, boosts confidence by identifying natural strengths and setting meaningful goals; and finally implements structure for success through planning and productivity tools to enable intentional action and effective habit formation. In additional to developing person wellbeing disciplines, colleagues are tasked with bringing learnings to life within the organisation to drive meaningful behavioural change.

Other services

Leadership Training – supporting leaders to understand the impact of stress on their teams’ behaviours and performance, providing them with tools to experience enhanced personal
wellbeing and building a model for how they can lead with a wellbeing focus to build resilient teams.


Diagnostic & Design Process – gain insight into current colleague wellbeing and engagement and provide recommendations for how to design and execute a wellbeing programme that will drive positive behavioural change.


Digital Updates – designed to maintain momentum between face to face interventions and provide a more accessible way for content to scale a larger organisation.


Coaching Packages – for rising stars and emerging leaders, our packages build disciplines to drive enhanced mindset management, positive habit formation and improved self awareness work that will elevate their leadership capability.


12-Week Integrated Package – transformative package designed to drive change and momentum through the business; integrating a top-down and bottom-up approach; engaging both leaders and colleagues in a wellbeing journey that will build resilience, boost energy and drive creativity.

Consultative services The Vibrancy Hub

We love to work with our business partners on a consultative basis to identify their unique challenges and build a bespoke corporate wellness package aligned to specific needs. This may be a combination of workshops, leadership training, one-to-one coaching and strategic initiatives.


We ensure clear measures of success and work with our partners to understand how to best track results of our initiatives.

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