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I’m so delighted that I decided to invest in myself with The Vibrancy Hub. The course helped me make some big decisions about where I want my life to be, made me focus on self-care and taking time for myself and has made me much calmer and more aware as a person. Laura and Katy are fab and the group of ladies on the programme were so lovely, I genuinely would recommend the programme to everyone.


I wholeheartedly recommend the Vibrancy Hub's group programme. It was delivered with real knowledge, enthusiasm and authenticity, from the foundations of self-care through to dealing with your inner critic and living in alignment with your values. Today's media constantly bombard us with messaging on 'living your best life' - this programme actually showed us how to do that on a personally meaningful level, with Katy and Laura there to help every step of the way.


I decided to attend the Elevate programme with the aim of creating more time and joy in my life - I have absolutely achieved that. Since completing the programme I now feel laser focused on what I want to do! Without it, I think I would have burnt out, so the timing was amazing for me. I found this programme 100% worthwhile and loved the dynamic between the two coaches. I would recommend to everyone!


The programme is incredible. Being with a group of like-minded women, facing the same challenges but wanting to make real change was priceless, so when that’s coupled with insightful and inspiring direction from Katy & Laura it’s dynamite! I have finally pinned down elements of my life that I’ve wrestled with for years and have the tools to make sure my best life isn’t something I dream about but can actually make happen. Laura & Katy are full of such enthusiasm and genuinely want everyone to truly benefit and that’s so apparent in the way everyone enjoys each session but equally push themselves on sometimes painful areas of growth. I’m proud to now be part of the Allumni!


I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of completing the ELEVATE course. I particularly enjoyed immersing myself in new tools and practices each week such as daily meditation, motivational podcasts, learning from reading books from key authors and journaling – tangible and educational. I feel the key benefit to me has been investing time in me - learning more about myself and the tools and practices I can choose from to help me understand more about myself and how I can lead a more joyful and fulfilling life. My intention in taking the course was all about raising my awareness and moving ahead with positive intentions and practices - I have absolutely met that objective! It is great value and could be a lovely thing for friends and family to club together to buy for a loved one who needs to take this time for themselves.


I enjoyed being able to share my journey and listen to others in a safe space and comforted by knowing that these amazing women around me were going through similar struggles and challenges as me. The sharing of ideas and anecdotes really helped me to make sense of a lot of my feelings. The biggest benefit for me was pulling apart a lot of negative thoughts and behaviours and being more conscious of them, identifying what they were and then challenging them with more self-care and reminding myself of my strengths and values. I really do think it is a brilliant course!


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