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Ever feel like there must be more to life? That surely being on the endlessly busy hamster wheel of work-social-exercise-work maybe isn’t the entire reason you were put on this planet?! Yeah, we have been there and bought the tie-dyed and super cropped t-shirt!


We designed this group coaching programme to enable you to hit PAUSE, get off the treadmill, find out who you really are and what you want from life – plus the tools to help you get there! Elevate is not about perfection and unrealistic standards; it’s about self discovery and finding a tribe that will support you, challenge you and inspire you to Elevate your life for the better.

What is it all about?


Starting September 2020, you will learn about these juicy topics:


~ How to define your own version of success and not live up to other’s expectations

~ How to create more headspace & time in your life so that you stop feeling so busy (we promise it IS possible!)

~ How to build simple tools to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm

~ How to stop comparing yourself to others and feeling as though you have to be perfect

~ How to switch off from your to do list, get out of your own head and be more present!

~ How to make sure you’re getting the most out of your career whilst still being YOU in the workplace

~ How to achieve a ‘work life’ balance that feels right to you

~ How to work out if you’re on the right path and get clear on how YOU want to live your life

~ How to understand yourself well enough to develop your own voice and the courage to use it!

~ How to create a more positive mindset; removing your blockers so that you can get out of your own way!

~ How to set realistic, achievable goals and how to truly enjoy the process of getting there!

~ How to say NO to shit you hate!

~ How to build habits that will help you to gain momentum and change your life for the better


Once we’ve got our hands on you, you will have gained:


~ A greater sense of confidence by knowing who you are and feeling comfortable in your own skin

~ The courage to make decisions, to stay in your own lane and to live a big brave life that is right for YOU

~ Greater life fulfilment now that you have a clearer idea of what’s important to you

~ A toolbox to help you feel calmer, more content and at peace with where you are in life

~ Tools to reduce negative thinking & out-dated belief systems that may be holding you back

~ The ability to be more present; leading to better relationships

~ A feeling of freedom and liberation – no more pretending to be someone you’re not

~ Far more clarity, focus and motivation

~ An elevated sense of resilience and strength

~ A feeling of empowerment – to create the life that is right for YOU!

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ELEVATE is an 8 week transformational self development programme:


When: 5 x fortnightly modules: Wednesday 9th & 23rd Sep, 7th & 21st Oct and 4th Nov

Time: 6.30pm – 9pm (refreshments will be provided)

Where: Manchester City Centre

Strictly limited places

More details:


~ Sessions are delivered to an intimate group by 2 x experienced Life Coaches

~ Sessions are FUN, interactive and easily digestible; including practical reflection activities and live coaching

~ Attendees will receive a programme guidebook, plus access to a supportive private online group

~ Inspiring self development exercises to be completed between modules

~ Food & soft drinks included in course fee


How to get involved:


The 8 week programme costs £425. Spaces are strictly limited.

To register your interest or for further info, please email [email protected]

Reserve your place on the September 2020 course today with just a £50 deposit. Payment schemes and payment by credit card is available.

Places booked before 30th June qualify for a FREE personal coaching session worth £90!

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