Workplace Wellness Programmes

Wellbeing Champions Programme

This 12-week programme comprises 6 x half day modules which will be delivered fortnightly to a maximum of 10 attendees.


Why should my business consider this programme?

The overarching objective is to create a pool of wellbeing champions / influencers who can lead by example and drive a culture of wellbeing from within the organisation. Each module introduces a mixtures of theory and tools for personal application plus facilitated discussion and action planning around how to apply ideas into the business environment to drive a mindset shift and behavioural change.


How will attendees benefit?

The programme helps to create more headspace and focus via modern mindfulness hacks, increases resilience and creative thinking through courageous mindset training, boosts confidence by identifying natural strengths and setting meaningful goals; and finally implements structure for success through planning and productivity tools to enable intentional action and effective habit formation.

Between each module, colleagues are given activities to work through and tasked with taking what they have learnt and considering how to bring learnings to life within the organisation.


Who is it for? 

It is for those rising stars that the organisation wants to invest in and support to thrive; influencers within their peer group that will lead by positive example, to ultimately drive a highly productive and vibrant culture. 

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