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What our clients say

I really enjoyed the workshop I attended at Runway Pilates, the mix between body and mind works brilliantly. I left the session feeling very ‘together’ on the whole – thank you! I would definitely recommend the sessions to friends – it’s a really good way to spend some time investing in YOU!
Tracy, Sales Support Manager
Attending The Vibrancy Hub’s “Uncovering your Values” session made me think about things at a time that I need to! We don’t allocate this personal development time in our everyday life enough. Understanding more about meditation was really interesting for me as it is not something I have considered before. Remembering to breathe when things are tough is so simple but effective!
Lindsey, Mum of Three
As a result of the “Uncovering your Values” workshop I will sit down with key people in my life to see how our values can work together to help each other realise our goals. I will recommend these sessions to everyone! I’m also one step closer to understanding mindfulness and the massive world of benefits it can provide.
Kate, Pharmaceutical Sales
I loved experiencing so many new things in one session, with such knowledgeable and engaging instructors. I’ve always been a little bit sceptical about this type of thing but don’t knock something until you’ve tried it! Be open to experiencing something new, which could make you happier. It’s great to take time out and really think – without the distractions of usual daily tasks and responsibilities.
Lauren, Family Law Solicitor
I would definitely recommend ALL of The Vibrancy Hub events – I feel like they are challenging and left me feeling positive; both mentally and physically. The Mind & Body Workshops are a great combination of quiet relaxation, learning in an engaging environment and physical activity.
Jill, Senior Law Lecturer
I first started working with Laura at The Vibrancy Hub when I came to a bit of a cross roads in my career. I knew it was time to move on but didn’t know what my options were, what I was good at or what I actually wanted in my next job. Nor could I find the time to think or do anything about it! In my weekly one-on-one sessions, Laura talked to me about all aspects of my life to get to the root of who I was and what made me happy. We worked on my core values, personal needs and what was important to me, so not only did I find clarity on my career situation, I also now have more confidence and a clear vision of who I am and what I want. I changed jobs 6 weeks ago and it was the best move for me but I couldn’t have done it without the support I received. As well as offering practical advice, Laura has also recommended some great tools and techniques to help me in both my personal life and my career. Often, these big life changing decisions feel daunting and overwhelming but, I can honestly say, Laura made this an easy, positive and enjoyable process for me.
Claire, Advertising Agency Account Director
The “Nutrition for Optimum Health” workshop was simply brilliant – all sessions were so interesting, energetic and relevant and I learnt SO much. I know lots of people who would benefit attending a workshop like this in the future. It felt like a morning of pure indulgence just for me!
I love that a lot of The Vibrancy Hub events can be accommodated around family life. The last workshop I attended on nutrition was such a fantastic way to spend Sunday morning! They are a great format and I love the blend of self-development, meditation and physical activity. I will definitely incorporate the breathing techniques and consider the take outs from the personal development session in my decision making going forwards. Thank you!
Amelia, Business Analyst
I loved everything about the “Nutrition for Optimum Health” workshop – it was a lovely relaxed atmosphere with lots of great information to take away. Enthusiastic and engaging presenters spreading the word about how to live a better life – absolutely brilliant!!!
Sophie Slater, Special Education Teacher
I was so inspired by the “Uncovering your Values” workshop. I loved how the opening meditation sets your frame of mind for the self- development session. I found the whole morning to be extremely beneficial both emotionally and physically - I definitely left with an increased feeling of self-awareness! I have booked in for a one-to-one session to accelerate my personal growth!
Clare, Executive Assistant
The Vibrancy Hub Mind & Body Workshops give me an opportunity to switch off from the hustle and bustle of life and focus on the 'here and now' for a few hours. Bringing body and mind wellness together, TVH gives me the chance to re-focus, re-balance and re-prioritise. After every session, I've come away with an increased awareness of what I want to channel my time and energy into moving forwards and I'm much more aware of how even small changes can impact my day to day routines in a positive way!
Victoria, Accountant
I have been working with Laura for a little while now and can honestly say it has been such an incredibly worthwhile and enjoyable experience. Laura is incredibly approachable, down-to-earth and passionate, delivering really structured and thought-provoking programmes whilst also understanding the need for a practical and realistic approach to goal setting. Sessions are fun and productive, and leave you feeling inspired and with a much greater self-awareness. Finally, Laura knows that it doesn't just stop when the session finishes - she'll keep you motivated and accountable throughout the whole journey to make sure you really achieve your goals.
Amy, Marketing Manager
I’ve had an incredible, transformational experience working with Laura. Laura is just such a beautiful, passionate person that it’s impossible not to feel excited about life and see it as an adventure. I love to be just working for myself and Laura helped me implement structure to make sure that I’m focused and productive with my time and energy, and especially dedicating time for self-care / socialising.
Thank you for all your support. honestly cannot thank you enough. The Meet Your Maker sessions and our 1:1 coaching was so pivotal in helping me to understand what I wanted to do and the kind of life I wanted to be living. Your encouragement gave me the confidence to go for my dream not in 10 years time but exactly as I am now and that's so huge!
Amy, Self Care Mentor