Teeny tiny self-care examples to incorporate into your life

We harp on about it time and time again and after our workshop at the weekend it became even more clear how overlooked this critical life activity can often be. Yep, you guessed it, self-care! The importance of taking care of ourselves! This is not something that comes easily to any of us and that is why I love this article from Tiny Buddha so much! It provides some super simple (and fun!) self-care examples of how we can incorporate a little more “Me time” into our lives.

Before we go on…this is not something that comes easily to me either! I set up The Vibrancy Hub with the overriding mission to help and service others – to share knowledge, experiences and inspiration on how to live your healthiest and happiest life. So surely self-care and focussing on me, me and a bit more me is a little bit contradictory??? NO!! What I have come to realise is that we are as good as useless at helping others if we are a depleted, half arsed version of ourselves. We HAVE to fill ourselves up so that we can give so much more freely and generously to other people who come into our lives.

You got the message?!!

Back in May I wrote a blog on the importance of self-care – why it is not selfish, why it is so important for our health and some practical tips for developing a meaningful self-care practice that will recharge the batteries. Check out the article here for a refresher.

Today’s article is continuation on that. The article talks about relapsing! We are all guilty of reading something or listening to something inspirational and immediately making a change in our lives for the better. But once the message begins to fade and life starts to slap you around again, how easy it is to fall back into old, unhealthy habits that neglect our self-care?

Self-care is not a one-time deal people! Self-care is about implementing tiny changes frequently so they don’t feel like huge changes to our lives that are realistically unsustainable. By repeating these little rituals consistently they begin to become habitual and before we know it we are automatically incorporating a little bit of self-care into our lives every single day! And do you know what? We are thriving because of it!

Check out the article for tiny little self-care ideas for the body, mind and soul. They include things like:

For the mind: Take another route to work – not only will this change of routine create new neural pathways (brain training!!), it’ll help you make even the most of mundane of tasks fresh and exciting and help you to find beauty in the simplest of things.

For the body: Get 15 minutes of sun – the vitamin D exposure will give your body a much needed serotonin boost i.e a release of your happy hormone.

For the soul: Make a small connection. Have a conversation with someone you would usually just walk past / not bother talking to. When you genuinely listen and connect to someone, they feel seen and you can see their eyes light up. This selfless act makes you feel pretty good too as you know you are making someone else’s day a little bit brighter.

If you’re struggling to incorporate longer self-care rituals into your diary at this stage, try a few of these ideas. Once you get into the flow, you’ll really start to feel the benefit as your relationships, performance at work and overall happiness is boosted. You’ll want to get involved in this self-care malarky a whole heap more!

Words by Laura Bamber

Photo by Daria Sukhorukova on Unsplash

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