Is your life messy and chaotic? Productivity hacks to help!

When I first started my own personal coaching journey, my life was a mess! Not in a dramatic, rock bottom kind of way but in the literal sense of the word. My desk was a mess, my house was a mess, my diary was a mess and therefore my entire mind was kind of in a mess too! I thought that my coaching sessions would be focussed on working through some big, deep rooted problems; working on the neuro-plasticity of my brain; or even debating the meaning of life but we actually spent the first three sessions quite literally tidying my life up! We focussed in HARD on productivity. After all, how was I ever going to tackle to big stuff, think strategically and take on there world if I was clouded by all of this mess?

I am now a productivity nut! I have nailed down my unique systems for working effectively and I am constantly reading books and articles about how to improve productivity levels so I can achieve more with the time I am given! This does not just benefit my business life, it has a mega-positive impact on my personal life too. By getting organised I get to do more of the activities I love, see more of the people I adore and also spend more time on me; actually recharging my batteries.

I have so many resources that I am excited to share with you on some of this stuff but I thought we’d kick off with this Forbes article that I LOVE!! It was actually sent to me by an old boss who was a huge influence in my productivity journey…this guy got more done in a day that most of us get done in a month! The article summarises some of the tips and tools used by various successful people across a range of fields.

If I had to pick a couple of tips from the list of 15 I’d got for #3 – ditching your to-do list, and #7 – processing your emails only a few times a day, as a starting point. Although I have not yet ditched my to do list, everything on that list is in my calendar so it has an exact time slot for when it’ll get done! Secondly, I could write a book on email management as I have tried so many rules and methods to not let the pesky email take over my life! If you don’t have time to respond to emails in your designated time slot then schedule time in the diary to do so…otherwise delete the email and move on!

Take a look and let me know what you think.

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