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Into the Hub Series: Bethan Jepson; Teenage Empowerment Enthusiast

In this “Into the Hub” series, we are introducing you to our TVHubbers! Our tribe! Our vision for The Vibrancy Hub was to create a destination where you can tap into a wealth of knowledge from experts across various fields of wellness – from nutrition to exercise to brain training – to accelerate your personal growth and enable you to live your most vibrant life. We believe in the power of a tribe – collaboration and the idea that we are undoubtedly better as one!

So, excitingly, in our first blog in the series, we introduce you to our newest member, Bethan Jepson. Formerly the General Manager of a Legal Consultancy practice, she created her “side hustle” High Flying Women, a network to empower career women to fundamentally evolve the status quo of society and business culture so that they are more nurturing towards women especially. She has pursued her passion of coaching and mentoring and specialises in instigating positive and powerful change within the lives of our younger generation younger generation. She supports 16-22 year old make the most of their talent, plan for amazing careers and build key skills such as resilience and confidence. Oh and you are wondering why she is kissing a kangaroo in her picture, her second biggest passion in life (after being a change-maker) is conservation and the environment – she absolutely adores wildlife and the natural Earth.

Ok Bethan, so tell us a little bit about yourself and your personal development journey…

My journey is fairly short and sweet although admittedly I have crammed a lot into the time frame!

The biggest realisation that has come from my personal development journey and which forms the basis for all my success in the past couple of years is that I can’t control the world around me, all I can control is how I respond to the things life throws at me. I couldn’t tell you when exactly I had this epiphany, but I was first able to put it into words very recently when I was reflecting back on 2017 with my own coach. This switch in mindset meant that I started taking action on the belief that my success was my responsibility.

Things were going really well for me in the legal consultancy I was working for, I’d been promoted to general manager within 18 months of beginning there fresh from university so I felt confident in my business skills… ish, on a good day anyway! I’d had this idea in the summer of 2016 from networking with lots of women of various seniorities that I wanted to start a network for professional women (this would later be named High Flying Women!), but in early October 2016, I suffered a pretty devastating knee injury. The pain was excruciating and there were complications which basically left me unable to walk for around a month. Because of that, the muscle in my right leg completely deteriorated. As a total gym buff, this was a massive blow to my mental health and mindset.

However, it left me with the stark realisation that I had felt like this before… several times before: When I came out of university following my masters degree and got rejection after rejection for graduate jobs; before that when I graduated the first time as an undergraduate when I couldn’t get a job then as well (I thought doing a masters degree would make me way more employable, clearly I was wrong!); before then when I completely botched one of my biology exams for A level and thought my chances of going to Durham University were over (they weren’t! I re-sat and got in!); before then when I was 16 and my best friend told me she didn’t want to be my friend anymore, before then when I was 15 and my foster sister who I had grown up with left to go home to her biological family (this was the worst by far!), before then when I was 14 and a particular group of girls in my school told me I wasn’t good enough to be friends with the popular crowd and before then when I was 11 and my best friend told me the first time she didn’t want to be friends anymore (yes it was the same girl!).

It finally hit me that my whole life had been this roller coaster of ups and downs, and when I say downs, I mean really down. My whole life I had believed I was a victim of circumstance, that I had no control. But what this knee injury led me to realise was that I did have control. I could control how I reacted to certain situations, I realised that I could choose to instead learn valuable lessons from the things in my life that I can’t control. All of a sudden I had this immense self awareness and in January 2017 I decided to take positive action and I launched my women’s network. I felt the fear and did it anyway and I got used to living outside of my comfort zone. But it wasn’t all rosy along the way. I found that following some of my High Flying Women events, I would totally and completely burn out. I had to take days of work just to recover from the stress which wasn’t what it was supposed to be about.

So, I invested in coaches – two actually – a life coach and a business coach. In fact I spent all my savings on these coaches because I knew that I had to change the way I dealt with things if I was going to be able to pursue the success that I want. I put myself first and I started looking after my mental health as much as my physical health.  Meditation, yoga, journalling, nutrition, affirmations, visualisation, gratitude, goal setting, celebrating the small successes, learning to share, learning to control my thoughts to stop dwelling on the past and worrying about the future, and helping others have all massively helped me build my resilience and confidence. My new found self awareness also allowed me to reflect on the times I’ve been happiest: when I was travelling and felt deeply connected to the planet, when I’m spending time with family and friends, when I’m at the gym and feeling physically healthy, when I am helping other women and young girls develop this self awareness, so I am making sure I make plenty of time for these things in my life as well. Therefore, I am super excited to join The Vibrancy Hub to help others on their personal development journey.

Thanks so much for sharing Bethan. I am sure a lot of our audience will be able to relate a lot to that feeling of never quite feeling good enough. Your insight around changing your mindset and accepting that your reaction to situations is in your hands is a really powerful one!

Finally, just a few quick fire questions:

My top tip for healthy living (body / mind / soul) is to put yourself first and take control. Don’t be a victim of circumstance, find your inner warrior princess, fight for what you want and don’t settle for anything less.

The 3 things I am currently grateful for:
1. My boyfriend and partner in crime Tim (although not really because he is a police officer) for keeping me grounded and dressing up in a tux whenever I ask him to.
2. My brother for being super inspirational, setting the bar high and showing me what’s possible even at a young age.
3. My Dad for always believing in me and indulging me in all my ambitious ideas, he’s never ever told me I can’t do anything.

My favourite quote is from bella Forrest; “True Bravery is having not only the self awareness but the courage to recognise you ought to change and then preparing to go to war with yourself everyday to achieve it.”

One book I would recommend to help you be happier, healthier and live a more vibrant life is kind of half book, half journal – Happy by Fearne Cotton. It is a beginners guide to journalling and it really takes you on a journey. I fill mine in right before bed so I end the day feeling great and it really helps me get a good night’s sleep.

Thanks so much Bethan! We look forward to hearing more from you in the future! Check out her full bio here!

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