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December Friday Flashes – Monthly Flashes off Inspiration

Weekly nuggets of wisdom include my affirmation for pushing through fear, my favourite podcast and more…

Tim Ferriss Podcasts

I have been listening to some of his more popular podcasts adhoc for a while now but this year I have decided to incpororate his podcasts into my weekly routine. I just need those jewels of wisdom regularly in my life. For those of you that don’t know of Tim Ferriss, he’s a genius! He interviews world-class performers across a variety of fields and in his podcast discusses the tactics, routines and habits of these guys. His conversations go way beyond any interviewer I have ever come across and some of the learnings can be applied to everyday life. GOLD! (You are welcome!) Link: Tim Ferriss podcasts

Reformer pilates

Yesterday I attended the launch of a new reformer pilates studio in the area after taking up the discipline recently. I HATE working my core at the gym and I am utterly thankful to have discovered this form of pilates. It could not be further from the often boring mat pilates and other core exercises in the gym. Give it a whirl! If you need any more convincing…look at the bods on the instructors! Smoking!

“The greatest rewards come from pushing through fear”

This has been my affirmation of the week. It is so easy for us to sit in our comfort zones and believe me, I love it just as much as you! It’s so lovely and cosy!! However, I have had to make a leap this week as “The Vibrancy Hub” concept I have been working on for a little while has been pushed into the public domain. Putting myself out there is absolutely terrifying!! I am scared of what people will think and ultimately scared of failure; but I refuse to let fear stand in the way of my passion and my mission of inspiring you guys to live your happiest, healthiest and most successful lives. So this week I’ve rugby tackled fear to the ground, stamped all over it and cracked on regardless…and do you know what? I feel amazing!

Anyway…it is now officially the weekend and I hope you all have a fabulous one! xx

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