Friday flashes

January Friday Flashes – Monthly Flashes of Inspiration

It’s nearly the weekend folks…woohoooooo…and today we are talking about journalling and cheeky shots in the morning to boost my health and happiness! My three Friday flashes for this week are…

Morning journalling

I have incorporated journalling into my morning ritual since the new year. I journal in two ways: a) As a problem solving tool i.e. to just let my mind flow and work through solutions to business / personal challenges I am facing b) As a gratitude practise, noting down all the things I am grateful for that day. I have really felt the benefits in terms of focus, clarity and positive vibes!

Apple cider vinegar

I was recommended to use it from my naturopath and I have seen a marked improvement in my energy levels and digestion. I take two teaspoons diluted in water before brekkie and it has just become habitual for me now. As I mentioned, I have experienced the benefits but since reading up on it the array of proven benefits are phenomenal so it’s well and truly locked into my life now! Check out this article for additional benefits…you’ll be blown away: Link: Benefits of apple cider vinegar

Resistance bands

I started suffering with lower back pain last year and the likely cause was because I had inactive glutes! So…I have started to use resistance bands before every training session to get these little babies firing! Inactive glutes are sooooooo common for people who sit for most of the day, even if you train a lot, as they are naturally lazy and therefore unless you really target them to start working other muscles / body parts will just override them. It is really important to get them going though (hence the resistance band obsession) not only to prevent back pain but to allow you to run faster, grow stronger AND to give you a lovely perky derriere!!

Ok…there are my three treats to see you through the weekend! Happy FRIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAY lovelies! xx

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