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March Friday Flashes – Monthly Flashes of Inspiration

Holy moly…how is it Friday again already??!! I hope you’ve all had a fabulously vibrant week! This evening I’ll be wine tasting so expect my Friday Flashes to be heavily wine based next week! But for now…my health and happiness tips for the week…

1. Green and Blacks 85% Organic Dark Chocolate. Choccie is my weakness…I have always loved it, always choosing to spend my 25p pocket money on a bar of Galaxy when I was a nipper! However, as I have become more educated around sugar and the pretty horrible impact it has on our health I am trying to reduce my intake and therefore what the heck do I do about my chocolate obsession? Dark chocolate, my friends, has changed my life (maybe a weeny bit dramatic)! The higher the cacao percentage the better but the health benefits include; antioxidant properties (cacao has almost triple the antioxidant benefits of green tea); it contains magnesium (which we generally do not get enough of and is important for repairing muscles); and it lowers cortisol (the body’s main stress hormone). So, no need to feel guilty about my daily chocolate habit anymore!

2. Tennis [or insert any sport / activity that you enjoyed as a kid]. With the mornings getting lighter I have picked up my racket again and what a fabulous way to start the day! Exercise does not feel like exercise when you are having fun and playing tennis for me allows me to run around like a maniac but having a giggle and hanging out with buddies takes away that feeling of “training”. Spend some time thinking about what you loved to do as a child and try and incorporate it into your life again!

3. “A Sane New World” by Ruby Wax. Ruby suffered with depression and as a way to try and get a handle on her illness she went back to Uni to study Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy. A really great read about what is going on in that brain of ours with an element of comic relief so it doesn’t all get a bit serious!

Have a fabulous weekend gang! xx

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