Friday flashes

February Friday Flashes – Monthly Flashes of Inspiration

Snuggle in people and get ready for my three favourites of the week. This week includes my new love-in with coconut oil and using podcasts for the ultimate productivity whilst driving:

Coconut oil

I have been cooking with coconut oil for years now but this week I have been researching the benefits which go waaaaaaay beyond what most people realise. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods on there planet (no exaggeration). It is predominantly made up of MCFAs (medium chain fatty acids) which provide the perfect source of energy as they go through a much shorter process than most fats to be turned into fuel. Unlike Long Chain Fatty Acids (LCFAs) found in plant based oils they are easier to digest and are processed by the liver. This means they are not readily stored as fat. Take a bit of time to research the benefits for yourself but trust me coconut oil is a super duper food! And is amazing for skin and hair too! Link: multitude of health benefits of coconut oil


I have also been driving a lot this week and therefore I have been listening to podcasts like a crazy woman. I have listened to all sorts!! Soooooo good as I feel smarter from the educational material I’ve taken on during a normally pretty unproductive period of time in the car! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll not be ditching the 80s tunes but it’s nice to mix it up a bit and feed my brain too! I’ll write a separate post about my fave podcasts in the coming weeks!

Foam rolling

I have been exercising A LOT this week and therefore I have fallen back in love with my foam roller. Think: giving yourself a fabulous (and slightly painful) deep tissue massage! My tight old calves love me for it today!

Give them a whirl and have a little research for yourselves…I’m interested to hear about your fave podcasts so I can add to my repertoire! Happy Friday Team! xx

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