You don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going!

“One of the most underrated secrets to success is to start before you are ready.” ~ Marie Forleo

Hi, I’m Laura and I’m a recovering perfectionist. For years, I believed my “condition” was a positive and that it would support me in achieving my goals in a…well…perfect way!!! If you had read the above quote to me, I would have completely shrugged it off. No way was I putting anything out there that wasn’t absolutely spot on.

Uh oh! Cue procrastination, stress, dissatisfaction…and being stuck in a big old rut!

Perfectionism is NOT an efficient long term strategy! It is scary as hell, but rather than trying to attain some impossible ideal in everything I do, I am learning to just jump on in there and get going!

This articles provides tactics to overcome this extremely severe condition!

The Positivity Blog’s article on perfectionism

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