Declutter, simplify, succeed!

Every single one of us at times – or often – in this modern world can feel frantic, overwhelmed, under pressure, terrified of dropping one of the many balls we are juggling, anxious, worried and at times – quite frankly, completely sure we are losing our carefully balanced marbles.

When we explain the importance of slowing down and recharging our own batteries, the main question we are challenged with every time is ‘how can I fit this in’ or ‘how can I create more time?’

So today we thought we would DECLUTTER & SIMPLIFY your life…so you can succeed!

Declutter…so you can flutter (your wings)!

Joyously, this topic seems to have sparked to life at the moment with Marie Kondo’s book brought to life on her Netflix series (the rolling of clothes and storing upended in a drawer changed my gym wear situation forever!) and bloggers such as @d.clutterdollies becoming increasingly popular – because we NEED it!

Modern life is hectic and our heads are full to bursting – one thing that is going to shift the dial and make us feel significantly better, lighter and freer is to declutter so that we can flutter our wings!

We are talking here about the metaphorical decluttering of the MIND as well as the literal decluttering of LIFE!

Why would you want to declutter your mind? Many clients worry that to slow down and create space in the mind will mean that they will forget all of the plans, details and ideas that are swimming around in their busy little heads! The reality is the exact opposite – as counter intuitive as it feels, we PROMISE that once you start to declutter your mind, you can think clearly, simply, and with focus – and are more likely to have a better memory.

Everything will feel easier and more manageable, and here’s HOW to make this happen:

Decluttering your mind

Meditation is key: Simply the most effective way to provide your mind with some respite. Practice daily for as little as 10 mins and notice the difference in how you feel in just a few days. Your mind will become calmer and clearer with more space to think. If you are new to meditation, try apps like Headspace, Calm or Insight Timer for guided recordings.

Restorative activities: We may sound like a broken record but this is crucial – activities that recharge your batteries, soothing both the body and mind; sprinkled throughout your day and week are going to be the ultimate game changer for you. Any activity where your mind has to focus on what you are doing at the time – provides your mind with an opportunity to rest, thus creating space. Examples include yoga, t’ai chi, drawing, gardening, painting, jigsaws, reading a novel, mindful walking (tuning into each of your senses as you go).

Mind map: Get everything out of your head and onto a giant piece of paper. Categorise, and make a plan for each area. What are the priorities and what can wait? What can you ask for help with? What are the simple and quick actions that can be scheduled into your diary over the next few weeks which will nudge you closer to your goals? What will take some planning and needs time dedicated to? Relieve your poor mind from all the over thinking by carving out a short amount of time for this activity – we promise you will feel approximately one million times better afterwards!

Do NOT overfill your diary! Society has convinced us that a bulging diary means a life rich in happiness, excitement and success! BULLSHIT. It means a head and heart maxed out, exhausted, not present in the moment and most certainly not enjoying the richness of each experience. We know this because we have both well and truly been there and got the metaphorical t-shirt! Hence the new term #JOMO – the joy of missing out! Try to say ‘Yes’ only to the activities and people that make you feel overjoyed, fulfilled and inspired rather than habits, routines or relationships that no longer serve you.

Say ‘No’ or ‘not now’: Rejoice in having a zero agenda day – to spend however you feel you would like to that day, depending on your mood, needs, desires, weather! Spontaneous day of fun at the beach or in the mountains?! Yes pleasey please.


How to declutter your space

And if, like me, it’s the practical decluttering that gets your heart a-fluttering – these actions will alleviate some of the weight from your life, which will in turn help to free your mind.

We constantly meet people who feel distracted, decompressed and lethargic due to a cluttered environment or lifestyle. Ideally, these areas need addressing on a regular basis, so that they do not become daunting, mammoth tasks again!

So make the time, enjoy it and REVEL in the satisfaction afterwards when you are feeling as light as a helium balloon! Imagine what you could do with all that space in your home once the clutter has gone?! Oh the dance floor / yoga studio possibilities…


Are your living spaces in your home as simple, free from clutter, and tidy as possible? This can have a HUGE impact on our mind and mood – check out Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Magic of Tidying’ or her Netflix series for amazing tips on streamlining, minimising and storage mastery!

What are you keeping that you do not use? Get rid of it – recycle, sell, donate to charity or dispose of anything you do not use regularly or does not bring you joy or inspiration.

Think of everything you interact with regularly – is your wardrobe, handbag and car organised, clean, free from clutter?


Any of these practical areas that become cluttered and disorganised – will act like a weight quietly niggling at your mind and dragging you down every single day! We are quite horrified when we hear from clients that they never throw anything away and everything is just stored out of sight in the house.

The problem is that you KNOW it is still there! It is a weight clouding your physical environment as well as your mental energy – which already has quite enough to contend with, so help your mind out by tackling your physical environment. You will feel a LOT better after a good declutter / sort out / tidy / ‘organisation station’! Once done, you will feel space open up in your mind and in your life – providing you with the opportunity to incorporate more of what you really DO want! Whoopee!

And that, my friend, is critical in this one short life we have – to make absolutely sure that we are making the space in our mind and life to experience the things that light us up on the inside; making us feel ALIVE and full of JOY!!!

What resources – people / books / podcasts – have you found invaluable to help you declutter your mind and space? We’d love to know, so share your secrets with us below!

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