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Laura Bamber: Founder The Vibrancy Hub, Workplace Wellness Consultant

Laura Bamber Co-founder The Vibrancy Hub

As a retired Chartered Accountant (don’t judge) and corporate go-getter, I spent 15 years in the corporate world nurturing skills such as strategic thinking, problem solving and developing teams to perform at their optimum.

I am energetic, curious and I have an overwhelming passion for people! Understanding people’s health and wellbeing needs and creating solutions to enable to them to thrive is what makes me jump out of bed every single day!

In other news…

•  I am a sports nut! I read the paper from back to front devouring the sporty stuff (particularly rugby) before all else and if I wasn’t a wellbeing coach, I would love to be a sports presenter.

•  I am a total coffee snob – living in Sydney for 5 years did it to me!

•  I love yoga…but I also love wine in equal measure!

•  I have some killer dance moves (even if I do say so myself!) and I’m often inclined to challenge innocent bystanders to a dance off…so beware!

•  I love to laugh.

•  I am a keen adventurer, I love exploring new places

•  I dabble with golf – when I retire I swear I will be a pro

•  My antidote to feeling a bit frazzled is the water – being on it, near it, in it, it instantly lifts my mood.

•  My favourite day of the week is Monday.

•  I ran the London Marathon in 2009 and I still dine out on it!

•  My favourite person in the whole world is my three-year old nephew, Leo. He calls me Super Wawa and he was the catalyst for me settling back in the sunny Northwest of England (cheers Leo)!

Katy Brown: Co-Founder The Vibrancy Hub, Wellbeing & Self-development Coach

Katy Brown Co-Founder The Vibrancy Hub

I am happiest when helping others take steps towards living their happiest life possible!

Over the past 10 years I have tried and tested positivity and mindfulness techniques that have had a profound effect on my life.

I am passionate about creating a calm mindset in order to manage stress and understanding the importance of recharging and nurturing ourselves so that we can create the space for delicious self-development!

In other news…

•  I live in the countryside but love being by the water – so trips to the beach or Lakes are high on my priority list!

•  Adventure and exploring is what makes me feel ALIVE – new places, favourite places, solo expeditions – any of the above

•  Food most definitely makes my world go round – (my niece and nephew call me ‘Aunty Cheese’)

•  I am happy to admit I resemble a worm (of the bookworm variety)

•  I feel most FREE when standing at the top of a mountain, wind in my hair, overlooking Mother Nature

•  Yoga and meditation make my heart sing

•  I have the sense of humour of a child – jumping out on someone never gets old

•  80s music, romantic movies and David Attenborough documentaries are guaranteed to make me grin from ear to ear

•  If I was an animal I would be a dog – a very happy, bouncy, affectionate one!

•  Although calm by nature, I do love a good thrill-seeking opportunity! Sky-diving, bungee jumping, racing cars – yes please

•  Heaven is…putting the world to rights with a wonderful friend over a delicious coffee, or on those rare occasions sitting in a hot-tub, overlooking the sea surrounded by amazing friends!

Nikki Hill: Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist

nutrition nikkiI am an Aussie living in the sunny North West of England and am passionate about inspiring people to lead a healthy, balanced life, becoming acquainted (or reacquainted) with their body and its needs. I am a fully qualified Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, Natural Fertility Educator and a mum to two little boys. I specialise in stress, weight management and women’s hormonal health.

Emily Dallas: Employee Experience Consultant, Founder TulipHR

HR consultantI set up Tulip HR after collecting a wealth of experience in corporate HR. The business is all about creating amazing places to work, building a future where your people make a difference. Our fresh, natural style follows unconventional methods in the HR world. In other news, I am a sucker for sourdough bread with peanut butter (the good stuff) and bovril!

Kate Kearns: Yoga Instructor specialising in Yin and Restorative Yoga

yin yogaMy yoga practice brings peace and calm into my life and a huge sense of well-being. It keeps me strong both physically and mentally and will always play an important part in helping me to keep focus and balance in my life. When someone tells you that they have really enjoyed your class and that they feel a great sense of wellbeing, peace and are inspired, well that’s a wonderful feeling. That’s yoga.

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