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Katy & Laura of The Vibrancy Hub

Our people are unable to cope with the pressures and overwhelm of modern day living and our businesses are suffering.

Stress and mental health related challenges, are costing UK businesses over £42bn per year (£1,670 per employee). This is driven by absenteeism (19%), lost productivity (62%) and staff turnover (19%).


We created The Vibrancy Hub after 15 years experience in the business world with a passion to pursue three very clear objectives:

1. Healthy individuals – supporting them to better cope with challenges.

2. Healthy teams – creating resilient, cohesive, vibrant workplace cultures.

3. Healthy businesses – impacting KPIs resulting in a stronger bottom line.

As an ex-Accountant and ex-Sports Marketeer, we have lived and breathed fast-paced, high pressure business environments. We have experienced first hand the challenges faced by in the workplace – an inability to cope with information overload and rising feeling of overwhelm. Nervous systems are stressed, resilience is low and creativity is compromised.


Our workforce is not thriving!!


This is why we are passionate about instilling wellbeing disciplines into the way we live and work so we can improve mental health, build resilience and elevate the performance of individuals. In turn creating measurable benefits for businesses – retention of top talent, reduced absenteeism, a boost in productivity and enhanced employee engagement.


All of the wins!!!


Our creative wellbeing solutions have supported employees and transformed workplace cultures in organisations such as ASICS, Autotrader, Thoughtworks & Lloyds Banking Group.

Laura & Katy of The Vibrancy Hub