Leadership resilience

A new way to look at leadership resilience beyond stoicism

I have highlighted my key insights from this wonderfully thought provoking article by two KPMG Partners. The article focusses on cultivating a high performance culture and explores a new way to look at resilience; and specifically how we should be looking at resilience in this time of significant change.

Now is not an easy time to be a leader.

Technology should be making our lives easier but actually we are struggling to cope with the informational overload and the expectation for us to do more. This is a fact that slaps us across the face every time we go into the office! Colleagues rushing around in a constant state of “busyness” which is impacting perspective. There needs to be an acceptance that we must start doing things differently – acknowledge that our people are not coping and explore how we can build resilience within our organisational culture. Otherwise, this epidemic of stress and burnout is going nowhere!

Productivity is more than clearing our inboxes.

As we are sucked into the trap of informational overload we start to lose the ability to see the bigger picture. A workplace “win” becomes staying on top of our emails as opposed to building creative solutions for our customers. This mindset has to change.

Resilience is more than just stoicism and pushing through with sheer might.

Resilience is a combination of three areas; Your Body – building resilience through physical fitness and increased energy levels; Your Brain – building reliance through flexible thinking; and Your Culture – challenging the way things have bee done historically and visibly doing things differently. Making time to look at these different aspects as opposed to just talking about them is key.


Read the full article here: Leadership Resilience

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