15 practical benefits of present moment awareness

I harp on about mindfulness and present moment awareness A LOT! For me the benefits are experiential. I have trained my brain to wander less – to become less caught up on events that have already happened and to worry less about impending situations. As such, the major benefit for me has been much greater sense of focus within my business. When you are self employed, it is so easy to become distracted and veer off track from your business priorities (I get way too excited by things I read / potential opportunities / new cafes in town!!). I am now so much more aware when I am venturing off course that I can catch myself before I lurch full throttle down the rabbit hole and nudge myself back on track! Hours of time and energy saved.

“Keeping your attention in the present is the world’s most useful (and underrated) skill.” This Business Insider article provides 15 other practical benefits just in case focus and productivity weren’t enough. Present moment awareness – it’s the future!

For more info on HOW to practise present moment awareness, check out my blog: “Six ways to practise mindfulness” 

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