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Katy and Laura combine 13 years experience leading teams in the corporate world with their natural gifts to coach, encourage and inspire women to step out of their comfort zone and grab hold of the life that they were meant to live.


Individually they can transform your life, together they are a force of nature! They share a positive energy and zest for life that will leave you feeling both wildly inspired and totally supported. Katy’s naturally calm nature, deep compassion and respect for rest will build the foundations you need to absorb the high energy, strategic and action oriented approach that Laura brings to the table. Prepare for your world to be shaken!

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How we can support you

One-to-one coaching with The Vibrancy Hub

Coaching & Mentoring

One-to-one coaching defining your individual needs and creating a bespoke roadmap to enable you to thrive across all aspects of life.

Wellbeing workshop

Group Coaching Programmes

Delivered by Laura & Katy combining intuitive teaching, deep reflection and group masterminds to accelerate learning with like minded women.

Cheshire yoga

Yoga & Wellbeing Events

Events to calm you, boost your energy, enhance your overall wellbeing and introduce you to a supportive community.

Workplace Wellness with The Vibrancy Hub Manchester

Workplace Wellbeing Solutions

Workshops, training programmes and leadership coaching to support a vibrant culture and boost engagement and productivity.

What our clients say

Coaching with Katy gave me an opportunity to take a step away from my chaotic life - managing three kids - and have time for myself to work out what is important to me and how I want to live my life. After every session, I've come away with an increased awareness of what I want to channel my time and energy into moving forwards and I have made small changes that have impacted my day to day life in the most positive way possible!
Victoria, Teacher
The Vibrancy Hub team are a bundle of positivity and personality and it has been amazing to work with them at ASICS and experience the change in energy at our organisation. They understand business and have been supporting our leaders to drive positive cultural change.
Worked with
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The Vibrancy Hib Featured In Forbes Magazine

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