Corporate Programmes

Menu of products to support a vibrant culture

Our business products will help you to create a vibrant culture within your organisation. Taking your valuable colleagues and helping them to define a clear vision for their career, uncover an authentic personal brand and bridge their development gaps to unlock their ultimate potential and achieve career vitality.

Summary of Options

Our workshops, courses and mentoring programmes will provide tactics and
strategies into the organisation boosting the productivity, focus, resilience,
engagement and overall wellbeing of colleagues.


We are excited for you to dive in and uncover which products are best for your organisation’s individuals needs:


One-hour Taster Sessions

One-to-one Mentoring Packages


Career Vitality Programme

One-hour taster sessions

These one hour sessions have been built to allow you to experience the benefits of colleague wellbeing without too much disruption to the working day. You can choose from a variety of topics and these will be delivered to groups of no more than 12 colleagues (£30 per person) in an intimate and interactive setting.

An introduction to mindfulness:
~How mindfulness rewires your brain to increase your focus and productivity
~A couple of short mindfulness exercises
~Practical tips to incorporate mindfulness into your working day


Planning for a winning week:
~Productivity habits e.g. email management and diary blocking to help you better manage your time
~Weekly planning techniques to keep you focused and on track
~Practical tools to manage “to do” lists and stay organised


Nourish your body and mind:
~Nutritional hacks that will boost your health, increase focus and strengthen your mind
~Simple tweaks to make to your diet for optimum health and performance

workshops, courses and mentoring programmes
A life that lights you up The Vibrancy Hub Tribe

The importance of creating a personal brand:
~ Why an authentic brand is essential in the work place
~ Understanding the foundation of you to create your personal brand
~ Practical tips to walk your talk and be an authentic leader


Creating a relevant professional development plan:
~ The importance of a relevant professional development plan
~ Questions to ask yourself when creating a PDP
~ Practical actions to include in a strong PDP


Body and mind taster session:
~ 10 minute meditation to ground you and bring you into your body
~ 30 minute exercise session – circuit built for all fitness levels which will get your heart rate up and refocus your mind
~ 5 minute closing mediation to refocus your mind

You can choose from one of the above six taster sessions or if there is a specific topic that you would like to cover, we can create bespoke content to meet the needs of your organisation.

One-to-One Mentoring Packages with Laura Bamber

One-to-one coaching and mentoring can evoke accelerated change and growth in potential leaders. After 15 years mentoring large teams in a variety of corporate roles within the finance industry, I combine this corporate experience with formal coach training to drive high performance within colleagues so they can thrive in the workplace.


Through a targeted programme each colleague will have a unique experience and be supported through a number of important leadership challenges including:

Corporate Mentoring The Vibrancy Hub

Identifying personal success targets and creating structures and systems to achieve them

Developing increased self awareness

Setting relevant goals

Developing flexible communication techniques and building meaningful relationships

Increasing resilience in the work place

Establishing an authentic personal presence

Developing coaching and mentoring skills and delivering constructive feedback

Working smarter and building effective productivity habits

Planning the development of your team

Building a meaningful career development plan

Creating and communicating a vision

Building business relationships and influencing others to drive desired results

Your Options

One-off session


One off session with the objective to build a career development roadmap. This can then be reviewed and built upon through one-to-one development discussions with the colleague’s leader.

Session includes:
~  Discovery questionnaire before the session
~  90 minute face-to-face session
~  Follow up documents – career roadmap and development plan
~  Additional reading, resources and recommendations

Cost of £155

10 session package


10 x one-to-one coaching sessions where we will understand the current state including strengths and development opportunities; establish a clear career vision and career development plan; find solutions to specific career challenges; and look at creating a high performance mindset to ensure that the colleague’s potential is ultimately fulfilled.

The package includes:
~  Discovery questionnaire before the first session
~  10 x face-to-face coaching sessions – recommended 1 per fortnight
~  Creation of relevant career development plan and bespoke coaching action plan to address your own unique situation to ensure fast and effective personal growth.
~ Take away activities
~  Additional reading, resources and recommendations

Cost of £900


Workshops have been developed to provide organisations with a series of short interventions to develop key talent – encouraging participants to take responsibility for their personal and professional development.

Managing Stress and Thriving in the Workplace


In this full day workshop we look at stress – What is it? What causes it? How is it impacting our health? How is it impacting our performance in the workplace? How can we take some simple steps and create the tools we need to reduce stress levels to live a happier and healthier life and improve levels of productivity?


Main topics to cover:
•  The science of stress – what happens in our brains and our bodies?
•  How stress impacts performance in the workplace.
•  What triggers stress in the work place and throughout our daily lives?
•  The importance of sleep.
•  Achieving life integration and why “work/life balance” is an unhelpful concept.
•  The impact of technology on our bodies and stress levels.
•  Setting technology boundaries to ensure technology is a friend and not a foe.
•  Building a tool kit to combat stress and implementing it into daily life.

Managing stress workshop The Vibrancy Hub

workshop logistics

•  Full day interactive workshop (9am – 4pm with an hour for lunch and a couple of breaks through the day)
•  Full course notes with takeaway activities and additional reading and resources
•  For corporates at all levels up to middle management (i.e. less than 10 years experience in the work place)
•  £250 per person

If you would like to arrange a private workshop on a specific colleague development topic for your organisation then please get in
touch and we can build bespoke workshops based on your needs and requirements.

In addition to the above workshop, we can create workshops with bespoke content to meet the needs of your organisation.

Female Career Vitality Programme

A more intense programme covering eight modules over a 16-week period. The overall objective is to work on the longer term development of future female leaders in the business with a view to bridging the gender diversity gap.


Module 1: Understanding yourself
Current state analysis – online testing and 360 degree feedback to analyse the strengths and motivations of each colleague.


Module 2: Developing your personal brand
Utilising information from the self awareness analysis to develop an authentic personal brand. Why it is important to walk your talk and remain true to your personal brand?


Module 3: Creating your unique vision
Creating a clear “Professional Development Plan” alongside a vision for other areas of life. Setting career and life goals that manifest utilising relationships and resources you didn’t know you had.


Module 4: Identifying and removing your roadblocks
Reframing self limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of goal achievement.

Module 5: Utilising your networks
Stakeholder mapping, identifying champions and how to build meaningful relationships.


Module 6: Managing stress and avoiding burnout
Understanding stress and why is it detrimental to optimum cognitive performance, productivity and health. Identifying individual stressors and focusing the mind through mindful meditation and other techniques to strengthen your brain.


Module 7: Habits to boost productivity
Looking at existing tools used to plan and organise work and personal life. Identifying behaviours impacting productivity and developing robust time management tools and planning structures to get the most from a working day. Becoming a highly effective leader.


Module 8: Simplify, structure and create ultimate vitality
Pulling together all previous modules into an action plan that will optimise colleague potential. Developing structures that will enable the effective execution of this plan and ultimately drive performance.



•  8 face-to-face modules (3 hours per module) delivered over a four month period
•  Full course notes provided
•  Take home activities and additional out of hours work required
•  Bonus one hour one-to-one coaching session for all participants
•  Aimed at future female business leaders (at least three years’ business experience).
•  £950 per person (max 12 people).