Career Resilience:

How to build a courageous mindset and achieve success on your terms


8-week programme providing you the tools you need to take control and create a career that you love.

Four interactive face-to-face workshops: 11th April, 25th April, 9th May, 23rd May. Complemented with ongoing support, resources and activities.

Price: £300 per person to change your mindset forever.

Location: PKB, Unit 14 Barton Arcade, Manchester M3 2BW

Are you ready to THRIVE? This programme is about empowering you to take action and making real, lasting change. It’s a GAME CHANGER!

Places are limited so reserve your spot with a £50 deposit below.


Course includes:

~ Four two and a half hour workshops – we will step you through the techniques and strategies needed to create change in all areas of your career and life.

~ Course booklet and action plan – the theory behind the tools, a bank of activities to complete throughout the course and action planning guidance to create the necessary change.

~ Take away activities to continue the momentum at home – includes guided meditations, reflection activities, additional resources (books, podcasts, videos).

Increase effectiveness - systems and habits to get the most out of the time you have.

Take-home Toolkit:


Throughout this 8-week programme we will arm you with the following specific tools to support you in making the changes you need to reach your potential and create a vibrant career:

~ Vision setting – ways to uncover what “Level 10” success means to you.

~ Meditation – using different forms of meditation to engage the parasympathetic nervous system and provide more perspective around how you are feeling and behaving.

~ Mindfulness techniques – cultivate more present moment awareness to better manage the distractions of your mind and find more joy in the moment.

~ Effective journalling – develop more awareness of your unhelpful thought patterns so you become less emotionally reactive to them.

~ Thought challenging – develop ways to challenge and reframe your thought patterns to prevent them from holding you back from your goals and aspirations.

~ Brain training – building ways to train your brain towards a more positive bias.

~ Fear setting – frameworks to identify and challenge your fears so they no longer stand in your way.

~ Goal manifestation – building a toolkit of techniques to appeal to the subconscious mind and manifest a career you love.

The Vibrancy Hub

What you’ll leave with after 8 weeks…


•  Effective toolkit – practical tools to retrain your brain and create a resilient, high performance mindset.

•  Enhanced self awareness – a greater sense of self to eradicate limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviours and drive you forward towards a more rewarding career.

•  Meditation techniques – simple meditation exercises that you can implement at home to focus your mind and build resilience.

•  Flexible structures – frameworks and structures to support you in setting goals and creating habits that will enhance your life and support you in becoming the best, most effective version of yourself possible.

•  Additional resources – course booklet summarising the concepts discussed in each workshop with room for note making to allow you to revisit some of the exercises and continue to strengthen your mind and vision at home.

•  Supportive new network – a like minded tribe of individuals who will encourage you to implement your new skills on an ongoing basis.

If you would like us to come into your workplace help you to create a vibrant, high performance culture then we’d be happy to chat and discuss in further detail some of our strategies and tools for enhanced workplace wellness.