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Thank you so so much for coming to visit! Pop on your comfies, grab yourself a herbal tea (or a glass of wine!) and settle in whilst we explain what The Vibrancy Hub is all about…

why we do what we do…

The Vibrancy Hub healthier happier thriving

We have created The Vibrancy Hub because it is what we have been searching for! A destination to access information, advice and tools on how to optimise your health and happiness and thrive across all aspects of life. A place where you can tap into a wealth of knowledge from experts across various fields of wellness, from nutrition to exercise to brain training, to accelerate your personal growth and enable you to live your most vibrant life.


Let’s just back track a little bit and play out the story…

“I was not unhappy but I was definitely not thriving! Just a niggle in the pit of my stomach that suggested that my life was not completely lined up. Here I was, living a life shaped by society’s definition of success – climbing the corporate ladder, living in a buzzing city, earning a great crust and juggling a busy social life! From the outside, it looked like I was living the dream…but it wasn’t my dream! I was frazzled, unfulfilled and unsure where to turn to make a change.”


Sound familiar? We know what you need because we have been there!!! On the hamster wheel of life, charging towards your next goal, and neglecting your health and happiness! You are not alone…so many of our clients feel this way. We have essentially fallen asleep at the wheel and it is time to wake up and experience every little nugget of joy that this life has to offer!

The Vibrancy Hub Mission

We have made it our mission to help you guys access the tools you need to create a roadmap towards a healthier, happier and more successful life…ON YOUR TERMS!


And…we intend to ensure that you have a shed load of fun along the way!

If you would like to know a little bit more about the team behind TVH please click below for our bios.

How we will do it…


The Vibrancy Hub is what it says one the tin! It is a hub that brings together experts across a number of fields to help you to live you most vibrant life. We work with Personal Trainers, Nutritionalists, Integrative Doctors, Yoga Instructors, Sleep Experts, Life Coaches, Hypnotherapists, Acupuncturists…just to name a few. Each of these experts will help you to find the missing piece to your health and happiness puzzle.
We will deliver tools and information to you via the following:


Online library to empower sustainable wellbeing

Articles, interviews and tools to facilitate continuous learning around living a more vibrant life. An online destination for health and happiness.

Events at The Vibrancy Hub

Events to create a more vibrant community

Workshops, talks and presentations to enhance your wellbeing and introduce you to a tribe of other wellness warriors!

The Vibrancy Hub - One-to-One Coaching - Laura Bamber

Coaching to Accelerate Vibrant Living

One-to-one coaching defining your individual needs and creating a bespoke roadmap to enable you to thrive across all aspects of life.

The Vibrancy Hub - Corporate Programmes - Laura Bamber

Corporate Wellness to Support a Vibrant Culture

Delivering tools into organisations to boost colleagues’ productivity, resilience, engagement and overall workforce wellbeing.

The pillars of vibrant living

We look at wellbeing through a 360° lens

and believe the following four components are essential for vibrant living:

1. Clarify your Vision:

Getting clear on who you want to be and re-defining your version of success.

2. Retrain your brain:

Creating greater awareness, reframing unhelpful beliefs/thoughts and strengthen your mindset.


3. Nourish your body:

Through exercise, nutrition and effective restoration.

4. Structure for success:

Setting up the relevant systems and healthy habits.

What can you expect to achieve?