Through our events, workshops and online content, we aim to contribute to a workforce and a population in the Northwest of England that is healthier, happier and therefore thriving across all aspects of life.
The Vibrancy Hub brings together a community of experts in the wellness industry providing you with inspirational and educational information and tools to support you to live your most vibrant life.
We know what you need because we have been there! On the crazy hamster wheel of life, juggling the pressures of today’s society, neglecting our health and happiness and forgetting to look up and enjoy the journey.

Laura Bamber founder of The Vibrancy Hub

The pillars of vibrant living

We look at wellbeing through a 360° lens

and believe the following four components are essential for vibrant living:

1. Clarify your Vision:

Getting clear on who you want to be and re-defining your version of success.

2. Retrain your brain:

Creating greater awareness, reframing unhelpful beliefs/thoughts and strengthen your mindset.


3. Nourish your body:

Through exercise, nutrition and effective restoration.

4. Structure for success:

Setting up the relevant systems and healthy habits.

How we will support you

Increase effectiveness - systems and habits to get the most out of the time you have.

Online library to empower sustainable wellbeing

Articles, interviews and tools to facilitate continuous learning around living a more vibrant life. An online destination for health and happiness.

Events at The Vibrancy Hub

Events to create a more vibrant community

Workshops, talks and presentations to enhance your wellbeing and introduce you to a tribe of other wellness warriors!

The Vibrancy Hub - One-to-One Coaching - Laura Bamber

Coaching to Accelerate Vibrant Living

One-to-one coaching defining your individual needs and creating a bespoke roadmap to enable you to thrive across all aspects of life.

The Vibrancy Hub - Corporate Programmes - Laura Bamber

Corporate Wellness to Support a Vibrant Culture

Delivering tools into organisations to boost colleagues’ productivity, resilience, engagement and overall workforce wellbeing.

What you can expect to achieve

Create a life you love

ready to thrive?

The Vibrancy Hub - Roadmap to Health and Happiness - Laura Bamber

Before you go any further, take your first step to creating a life of meaning and purpose! Download our free inspirational worksheet on

“Setting Goals to Thrive!”


Setting great goals will allow you to wake up each day with a feeling of intent as opposed to aimlessly wandering through life. We have distilled our tried and tested methods on setting goals that manifest.

What our clients say

The Vibrancy Hub Mind & Body Workshops give me an opportunity to switch off from the hustle and bustle of life and focus on the 'here and now' for a few hours. Bringing body and mind wellness together, TVH gives me the chance to re-focus, rebalance
and re-prioritise. After every session, I've come away with an increased awareness of what I want to channel my time and energy into moving forwards and I'm much more aware of how even small changes can impact my day to day routines in a positive way!
Victoria, Teacher
The Vibrancy Hub guys are a bundle of positivity and it was a real honour to be a guest speaker at one of their events.
The Vibrancy Hub is something really unique and beautiful and I am excited to be a part of its growing community.
Nikki Hill, Naturopath

Clarify your vision,
retrain your brain and
structure your life for
success and happiness
on your terms!

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